KIRA Pharmaceuticals Ltd (KPL), was incorporated as a Private Limited Company, registered in Rwanda Development Board under the Company code 118480561. At KIRA Pharmaceuticals Ltd, we provide a wide variety of pharmaceutical products, medical equipments, cosmetic and toilet articles for the local and regional markets.
We offer services of representation of foreign pharmaceutical companies in Rwanda by importing, selling and distributing their products or use of franchising techniques of foreign companies under KIRA Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
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KIRA Pharmaceuticals

KIRA Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a leading company specializes in import and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, cosmetic and toilet articles products across the Africa

KIRA Pharmaceuticals Ltd duly committed to distributing a wide range of Quality pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, cosmetic and toilet products.

To offer in the Africa market increased access in high quality and affordable pharmaceutical products, covering many medical areas, focusing on cosmetic and toilet products.

Types of KIRA Pharmaceuticals Products

Take a look at the different types of KIRA Pharma distribute.

Pharmaceutical Products

We import and distribute pharmaceutical products

Medical Equipments

We import and distribute medical equipments

Cosmetic Products

We import and distribute cosmetic products

Toilet Articles

We import and distribute toilet articles products
Our Clients & Products

KIRA Pharmaceuticals

Our clientele includes esteemed clients such as NGOs, Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals, and Learning and research institution. The sales team has an in-depth knowledge of all of the product range making KIRA Pharmaceuticals a key partner for all healthcare providers. We are devoted to researching, and understanding the market needs so that we provide cost effective, durable and user friendly Products to our clients.